This blog is an online representation of my continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning.

This blog contains pre-drafts, first drafts, and development of drafts. It holds connections made and as-yet unmade; integrations which are emerging and as-yet unknown. This blog contains ideas and concepts which need correction, redirection, refinement and development.

One of my professional and personal mentors encouraged me to start this blog. He is encouraging me in future-focus – to throw first drafts out into the world, onto the screen, onto your screen – because truly we are better together!

Opinions are completely my own, not formal (yet!), unrefined and do not represent any quoted/sourced author/thinker/producer nor any of my collaborators/employers/friends/enemies (pre-friends) – even as their input is critical in informing my learning, unlearning, relearning process.

This blog is not afraid; it is tentative. This blog is not final; it races toward the future. From trends to possibilities. This blog is candid and rough; it is True.

Let’s expand our frontiers.